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AB Connectors Overview

The Connectors Division of TT electronics plc is known as AB Connectors. Its vision is to provide interconnect solutions for every plane and train; to be connected on the battlefield, in vehicle, on soldier, in communication and in power for our defence forces. Today, AB Connectors – which was acquired as part of AB Electronics Group PLC by TT electronics in 1993 - operates from its design and manufacturing facility in Abercynon, Wales, UK.

Through a commitment to a structured new product introduction process, AB Connectors is continuing to invest in the R&D of new materials and processes, surface treatments and the very latest manufacturing technology and techniques to ensure the products meet the most exacting standards encountered in harsh environments.

Astute Electronics has a franchise distribution deal with AB Connectors in the USA and North America covering the company’s full product portfolio.

Focus Product - MIL-PP: Ultra lightweight push-pull connector

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Ultra high-pitch contact density
  • High speed data capability
  • Robust design for the most demanding environments
  • Positive, blind mate, key-keyway engagement system
  • Fully scoop-proof, preventing accidental contact damage
  • RoHS, Reach & WEEE compliant
  • Low-lustre, non-reflective, black finish
  • Super ergonomic over mold design

Specially designed for soldier-borne and man-portable defence applications. Versus similar types, the Mil-PP connector range offers simpler orientation alignment, greater sealing performance both mated and un-mated conditions exceeding Special Forces’ requirements, excellent shell-to-shell continuity for minimized electronic signature, all in a ultra-robust package for the most demanding field theatre environments.

“With a long established pedigree in harsh environment markets such as defense and rail that matches our own we believe AB and Astute Inc is a winning combination. Along with existing core strength products AB is innovating and introducing new ranges such as the MIL-PP, and we are delighted to be AB’s official partner for this product family.”

Aran Coker, Vice President - Sales, USA & The Americas

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