Astute's historic and all encompassing support for manufacturing companies within the Aerospace and Defence markets has arisen from our willingness to manage all manner of programmes, purchase and support long-term schedules on wide variety of products and operate to the highest quality levels. Ultimately it is our process-flexibility that sets us apart, coupled with extensive experience and knowledge in all manner of related areas such as through-life support, product specification (883, JANTX etc), up-screening and NATO numbers.

As the electronics marketplace evolves and the obstacles to supporting the Aerospace and Defence markets increase, Astute are at the forefront of developing quality inspection programmes and innovative supply-chain solutions to protect manufacturing companies with a trusted source of supply.

"Over 20 years of being customer led by the key European defence organisations, we now have a dedicated division specialising in sourcing military grade components, through life support strategies and solutions to all the procurement needs"

Mark Shanley, Global Business Manager - Military