Delphi Overview

Delphi Mac is a division of Delphi Corporation headquartered in Irvine CA this division of the corporation produces interconnect solutions and value added assemblies for the military market. Previously part of Hughes the company is sometimes still known as Packard Hughes or Hughes Aircraft Connectors.

With three North American facilities totalling in excess of 250000 sq. ft. Delphi produces a range of Mil C qualified electrical and fibre optic connectors for its key market platforms such as ground based systems, naval communications, airborne systems and military vehicles. Delphi is at forefront of developing the new NGCON standard for high density fibre optic connectors. In addition the SC facility provides specialist interconnection products for medical applications.

Providing turnkey solutions for customers from the Tijuana Mexico facility which employs over 1000 people on two sites Delphi produces an array of assemblies for harsh environments. Vertical integration of processes such as loom construction, over moulding, fibre optic assembly, coax assembly, flex circuit assembly and electronic box manufacturing combined with ability to develop custom connectors sees Delphi provide high service level within its customers supply chain.

Delphi specialises in low/medium volume high mix and in reducing cycle times in response to markets drive to reduce time to market decrease inventory and the reduced visibility within its key market segments of longer term demands and trends. Flexible solutions for a fast evolving and changing environment.

Key Products

  • Value added assemblies
  • Mil C 83527
  • MIL C 28840
  • MIL C 28748
  • MIL C 28804
  • MIL C 85028
  • MIL PRF 28876
  • MIL PRF 83526 (DFOCA)
  • MIL PRF 64266 (NGCON)
  • MIL PRF 29504/14 & 15 Termini
  • MIL PRF 29504/4 & 5 Termini
  • Universal Backshell

"A pioneer in the field of military optical connectors, Delphi was chosen by Astute to be its primary optical connector partner for this industry. In addition to its core range, Delphi has a specialist products facility in the USA providing solutions in the medical market. These are further augmented by a large value added location in Mexico. Combining this with the interconnect products has enabled us to provide our customers with complete turnkey solutions."

Gary Evans, E-MECH Divisional Manager


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