BANGALORE INDIA - Indian Sales Office

Astute are delighted to be progressing with their operations in India. This work has resulted in the appointment of a Country Manager, Antony Rajesh. Antony will be building on the existing relationships and business levels currently enjoyed with over 30 companies across India as well as working to develop more.

As soon as is possible into 2014, and once the contractual side of our Joint Venture programme is complete, we will be looking to open a facility in Bangalore. It remains highly strategic for us to set up a logistics and component test programme soon afterwards, offering our Indian customers the security of the ACAP programme locally.



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Bangalore, India
Bangalore, India

"India is a natural progression for us, in the same way as opening in China and the USA was before. Whilst we certainly hope and expect to develop new relationships and interact with a wide range of industries, it is the trust and experience that existing Defence-related customers have with Astute that is driving this development. The Indian electronics supply chain is no different to anywhere else in the world. It is susceptible to poor quality and counterfeit products. Astute’s purchasing and test experience will ensure our customers are protected from such issues."

Ian Fantham, Sales Director