Lemo Overview

Based in Ecublens Switzerland for more than 60 years Lemo has been a by word for excellence in the connector industry. Manufacturing more than 75000 different connector options and serving over 100000 clients globally.

Lemo specialises in demanding markets such as nuclear, broadcast, autosport, medical and test and measurement.

A variety of ranges of connectors have been developed to meet customers’ needs, in addition Lemo produces a number of total solutions and sub-assemblies bringing its expertise to solve client challenges.


B series is the range most familiar to Lemo users and provides many options in terms of shell size and contact arrangements. Available in coax, fibre optic, LV and HV options the product allows for 5000 mating cycles and has operating temperature up to 250c.

S series provides contact density that allows for panel space saving and features as well as coax a triax contact option making it ideal for defence as well as commercial applications. To accompany this range for outdoor applications the E series is an IP68 rated connector when mated, up to 106 contacts it is a versatile outdoor version of the S series.

F series connectors meet MIL 810 E and are a lightweight aluminium product that have been used extensively both with in autosport and defence market. The range is IP67 rated and has up to 66 contacts that have a density that saves space in comparison with more traditional defence connector solutions. Mixed contact hybrid variants are available.

M series is a rugged connector designed to withstand high shock and vibration (gunfire test) and provides substantial space saving over the more traditional 38999 solutions. An integrated backshell and short flange designs allow further space saving. 360 EMC shielding and oil and fuel resistant the M series is ideal for applications such military personal radio, man worn systems, vehicle mounted systems, avionics and many more. For outdoor applications the M series is very much up for the challenge with plating options that provide 1000 hrs of salt spray resistance or twice that of a standard 38999.

T series has backward capability with the mainstay Lemo B series having the same size panel hole. Providing the option to allow for easier upgrade of equipment. With solder, crimp and pcb contact options the T series also provides 360 EMC protection. Rated up to 250c and IP69 the series is ideal for applications in defence sector and medical.

Leemo can also provide cable assemblies and other innovative solutions such as the plastic connectors from Redel.