MICROOLED develop and manufacture high picture quality and very low power consumption OLED micro-displays for near to eye applications.

In terms of picture quality, the key advantages of MicroOled technology are:

  • True Black thanks to MICROOLED’s Ultra High Contrast.
  • MICROOLED’s Quad sub-pixel arrangement and high pixel density provide very sharp images and excellent clarity.
  • Very High Uniformity: With our technology long range or pixel-to-pixel uniformity is excellent.
  • A very high contrast: Our contrast is greater than 10 000:1
  • Response time is very fast, so a moving image has no lag

Other advantages:

  • Very low power consumption
  • Very compact: no backlight

Our current product range includes:

  • MDP01: a 1.7m dots full colour 0.38” WVGA (873x500) microdisplay.
  • MDP03: a 3.3m dots full colour 0.39” XGA (1044x788) microdisplay with integrated controller.
  • MDP02: a 5.4m dots 0.61” full colour SXGA (1300x1044) microdisplay (for professional type of applications).
  • MDP03EK3 Evaluation Kit (shown below): This demonstration board provides a complete tool to evaluate and integrate MICROOLED’s OLED microdisplays
Microoled mini logo

"This partnership will give customers across the UK easier access to MicroOLED's leading edge high reliability near eye display products and is complimentary and mutually beneficial to Astute’s existing franchise portfolio"

Philip Simpson, Applications Manager, Astute Electronics


Microoled Product Shot
Microoled Image #2 Microoled Image #3