EXPERTISE - Obsolescence Management

Astute's obsolescence management is primarily achieved through working with IHS, a software programme providing us with up-to-date technical and end-of-life information on obsolete electronic components. It gives us historical data, alternative product comparisons and a BOM management system that allows us to co-operate with customers on a given product to ensure that manufacturer obsolescence does not come as a surprise(!). Astute are proud to work with COG to better understand our customer's needs on Obsolescence Management.

"A supplier does not show their true value until faced with a request that does not fit neatly into their process nor be handled comfortably by their ERP systems. Astute have broken the mould in this regard with numerous bespoke solutions to many, obsolescence generated problems!"

"As more customers look to move their component supply chain to a non-franchised distributor in order to support their manufacturing programmes, Astute's ability to manage problem areas such as obsolescence management is often at the forefront of the decision process"

Ian Fantham - Sales Director