Who We Are

SynQor is a leading supplier of power conversion solutions to the communications, computing and industrial markets. SynQor's innovative products are designed to exceed the demanding performance, quality, and reliability requirements of today's power electronic engineers that are developing leading-edge infrastructure hardware. SynQor’s global customer base extends from small Original Equipment Manufacturers to Fortune 500 multinationals and includes the 12 largest telecom OEMs in the world. SynQor's capabilities include both standard and custom solutions for distributed power architectures and providing them with industry leading service and support. SynQor's total commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement drive their business processes and lay the foundation for continuous success.

SynQor Products


Synquor Telecom

SynQor is the worldwide leader in the technology, quality and service for high-efficiency DC-DC converters for the telecom/datacom marketplace. SynQor's isolated, high-efficiency, open-frame DC-DC converter product lines combine our unmatched lead-times, flexibility and design support that the worldwide telecom market requires.


Synquor Industrial

SynQor's ruggedized DC-DC converters and filters are designed for a wide range of industrial applications including those required to withstand harsh environments: railway and transportation systems, industrial motion control, information displays, factory automation and power generation systems. SynQor converters feature a two-stage power topology with synchronous-rectification that greatly improves efficiency and optimizes the power dissipated by the converter.


Synquor Railway

The RailQor® line Series DC-DC converters is designed to provide isolated dc power in the transportation industry for such electronics as LED displays, audio amplifiers, safety monitors, lighting, and communications systems under the European Standard EN 50155. These converters use SynQor's synchronous rectifier based technology to achieve extremely effiicient industry leading performance. Due to the difficult environmental conditions the transportation market poses on power supplies, SynQor has designed the RailQor line for optimal performance in the most demanding applications.


Synquor Medical

The best-in-class solutions power supplies designed to meet an extensive range of medical applications. Packing 500W of useable power into just 3.5" x 5.25" x 1.63", this is the world's smallest cardiac care, medical grade AC-DC converter for this power level. Meeting EN-61000-3-2 for PFC and EN60601-1 low leakage current.


Synquor Military

The MilQor® series of Hi-Rel and Mil-COTS DC-DC converters and EMI filters brings SynQor’s field proven high-efficiency synchronous-rectifier technology to the Military/Aerospace industry. Our innovative QorSeal™ packaging approach ensures survivability in the most hostile environments. Designed and manufactured to comply with military standards.